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New york

Work in a busy 911 system, grow your skills!

Multiple intakes with an EMS service that strives for excellence



Join a family of EMS professionals and never be a number. A family focuses, family run 911 service with the opportunity to deploy to disaster zones!



Express your interest in our other locations that become availably several times a year. 






The quickest and free way to get your US career off the ground!

We open doors and remove borders for Australian Paramedics who would like to work overseas. Every year, more Australian Paramedics graduate to find not enough graduate positions for everyone and many migrate to the UK…
Why not the US?








Apply now to learn new skills that are often only used by critical care paramedics in Australia including:

  • Endotracheal Intubation

  • Cardioversion

  • Transcutaneous Pacemaking

  • Mechanical Ventilation

  • Intraosseous Infusions

  • Intravenous Infusions including external jugular vein catheterization

  • USA-approved paramedic medications & administration routes, calculations, etc.



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“After graduating university with my Bachelors in Paramedic Science in December 2022, I was eager
to jumpstart my career as a paramedic. AMR helped me throughout the entire process and
played a large role in securing the paramedic position. AMR was an integral part in facilitating and
supporting a seamless transition into my new role as a paramedic in America. Even after starting on
road, AMR has continued to make sure that I have all the recourses I need to be successful and are
along for the ride with me and my new journey.
– Morgan QLD

“The best part of my interactions with AMR was the personal nature that was brought to the whole process.
Having someone you can trust and communicate openly with allowed the whole process to be seamless and
you felt like an individual not just another number to add to the statistics!” —Jacob C-VIC

WHy Australian Medical recruitment?

We are a family

Be part of an EMS family, we send people over in cohorts so you are never alone! Meet new people, make new live lone friends. Learn and grow together.

We have many Australian Paramedics now withing all across the USA. Learn, grow and work together in a a dedicated team of EMS professionals, the largest family of Australian Paramedics in the US.